8Bits Memory - Cosmic Birs
Ala Ghawas - Boudoir
Alan Hunt - I could take a train
Alarma - Curandera
Alaxia - Departure
Amanda Grace (of Wildflower) - What Is This Life
Arja Kastinen/Temps Oy - Inside
Ashe Sparx - See Thru Thin
ATUMPAN - Slay Mama
Barleyshakes - Silver to Gold
Behind Mask - The Message
Beyond Silence - Leaves are falling
Bill Webb - New Orleans High
Blademark - Livin' off the wall
Blue Jinns - Skulldozer
Buried In Smoke - Tomorrow will come
Charlie Brennan - When We Were Young
Coogans Bluff - A Swim In The Park
COREXIT - Policy Of Lies
Curupira Colombia - Funklorica
Damon M. BlaQ - Get You Wet Up (Feat. Louie Diamonz)
Darktribe - MyLast Odyssey
David L Douglas - Monkey
Deafcon 5 - Disturbed by Circumstance
Deuce Ellis - Naked Language
Dinorah Zamora - Count Your Shoes
Dirk Digglers Blues Revue - Poison Woman
Dj Trixta - Never Letting Go
Donya Zandi - Free
Doug Hewitt - Ok To Be Human
Douglas Hinton - Best Friend
DOUGMORE - Best Outta Three
Dylan Cartwright - Requiem
EightDollarRum - KIssing Booth
Electric Guitars - Rock'N'Roll Radio
Eleveta - Last
Eltharia - Blood Pollution
Enrique Heredia NEGRI feat Andrés Calamaro - ALEGRIADE VIVIR
Felice & Cortes - Giftshop
FERN - Absentee
Finding Kate - White Lies
Flaming Wrekage - Thrown To The Wolves
GooseBumps - Uptown Funk
Grass Station - Lonesome Child
Grayson - Margarita
Grecco Buratto - Só Uma Chance
Ground Level Falcons - Bring It Up During the Nighttime
Hardbone - No Man's Land
HEAVEN - Never the Moment
Hodge Cluster - Path Of Trust
ICYMI - Mind Games
IndiviDúo - Día Perfecto
Jacob George Band - Ending Song
Jazz Misfits - Afrikanis
Jill Svensson - Golden wings
Johny Vegas - Love and Cigarettes
Joker - Alive
Joshua Rich - Come On Over
KAFVKA - 2018
KAHLD - Prisoner Of Your Own Prison
Karl Dietel Five - Don't Give Yourself Away
Kevin Daniel Miller - Myself Through You
KOJ - Black Night
Krueger - El Angel Rubio de Auschwichz
Kyle Ekstrom - Easy (feat. Kurt Travis)
La Real Skasez - La Gente
LA TOMASA SKA BAND - Calafia Surf Ska
Las Luces Primeras - Actriz
Lian Ross - I Still Love You
Lonelyhearts - Surrender
Luna Luna - Wenn ich tot bin
LyinHeart - Give Me Rock Or Give Me Death
Mahogany Dannie - Leap
Manteca Blue - Vamo'a hablar
Manuel Cantales "Kinimod" - Consolidated
Maoli - In Case You Didn't Know (Live)
Mar del Norte - Joy Of Life
Mars Overdrive - Beat My Soul
Martino - Nothing Can Stop Me
Material Boys - Friend
Material Damage - If It's Too Loud You're Too Old
Mathias Grassow & Cornelia Kern - Four Hand Stage Part 1
Mavka - Malya
Mazarine Blue - Look out birds
Mein Kopf ist ein brutaler Ort - Ich Bereue Nichts
Melody Connor - Lost & Found
Memory Maze - The Closest Thing to Heaven
Memphis FiftyFour - She Comes and Goes
Merian - Purple Haze
Message In a Cloud - You Used To Die In My Hands
Messerschmitt - Risk to Resist
Mi Zer - Vengo a Ti
Mia Mattiolo - Elevation
Mike Lila / Lila Blanca - Misery
Mikyla Cara - playing with fire
Millennium - Roll
Mincer Ray - Franki Jo
Mingo & The Blues Intruders - Wild Wild Women
Minotauro - Landless Soldiers
Mirelle Noveron - Mi Bien
Modern Day Heroes - Danger zone
MOFO - Black Squad
Monica Bezerra - Bom Dia
Monty-Hill - Long Nights & Long Necks
MoodCollector Ska reggae - Rutty Time
Mordecai - Try Again
Moriartees - Down in the Subway
Mortal Wounds - DESIST TO STAND
Motor - Seguimos de Pie
Mo-Wet - Phedamine
Murvalley Dixielandband - Rainermarsch
Myall-Lake - Icebreaker
MykoMan - Something I Don't Have
Name - Punti Deboli
Natasha Lin. Pianist - Ghost
NEA! - Puppy Love (Do You Remember)
New Age Americans - Natural
Newen X feat. Raven - Madness (52 shades Remix)
Nicole Stella - Something to Say
Nina Lee - Willing
nineclub - Had Enough
No Keen Enterprise - Hills And Mountains
No Wheels - Lovesick
Norquay - Washed UP
One Sultry Day - Long Way to Go
OPERAPIA - Borderline
Orkestrina - Avrei Creduto con Te (I would have believed with you)
Orquesta Arrecife - El patio
Os Amanticidas - Gritei Seu Nome
Paisley Sundae - No Room To Dance
Palmes - For You and I
Papa Mambo - What Do You Wanna Do
Paris Obscur - The Road
Passakorn Morasilpin - Veegoh Elaarkamor - Chayohbeetae Dalaelaoh
Patrick Merrill - Miles from You
Paul Cut - Should Bruxelles
Paul Snider - Good Life
Paulo Sousa - Num Segundo
PDK - Shiim'ashi
Peach Club - Bad Bitch
PEAKS - Eden
Peter Blast - Run Baby Run
Phone Joan - Snake
Pigs and Clover - Girl from the Island of Misfit Toys
Planistry - Calm Down
Poppy Roscoe - Sally Singer
Powder for Pigeons - Lay it on
Pressure Points - Electric Shadows
Problem - The goat
Project Renegade - Pressure
Projekt Ich - Little Star feat. Catrine Christensen (SoftWave)
Psychiceyeclix - Plague of Locusts
Pure - Intestellar
Rafael Rosa - Bomba Oscura
Rafiki Gospel Singers - Milele
Ragenheart - Fear
Rashid Bhikha - Believe - Rashid Bhikha Feat. Khalil Ismail
Reaper's Revenge - Virtual Impulse
Redcoat Kid - Like It Like That
rekkorder - Hello
Release Hallucination - Lovers in Abyss
rfs - Exhale
Rich Barry - Spanish Romance - Anonymous
Riske Zero - no country for poor men
RJCT - DR Jekyll
Rob Bochnik - New Great Depression
Rock Wolves - Rock for the Nations
Rockin' Roads Band - Sweet ladies
Ronnue fet Lizzie - Assassin (the hood mix)
Rota - Lay Low
RUA - Break down the rules
Ruff Diamonds - Right Now
Rumbata' - no critiques mas
RUSTIES - Lose My Love
Sacha T - Sweetest Feeling
Salip - You better run
SaRon Crenshaw - I Hear The Music
Sassy Society - Angie (A.W.W.) Radio Edit
Scar - I Walk Alone
Scarlet Coast - Promising Start
Scattah Brain - Rockstar
Schola Cantorum de Venezuela - Salve al celeste Sol sonoro
Scooby Duo (Irieology x Olinclusive) - Nanay
Sebastien Graux - Follow
Selois - Western
Sertraline - Change of Heart
Session in a Hole - Salvation
Seven - Until the Light Takes Us
Seven Thorns - Eye of the Storm [2017 edition]
Seventh Son - Living on a Time Bomb
Severed Limb - Ooh My My!
Shadow Lizzards - Warzone
Shadow Universe - Pulsar
Shake Anderson - The Stain
Shape of the new sun - The Pain
Sheeza - No Matter What
Shepherds The Weak - 2083 A.D.
Side Of Despondency - Untitled
Silvertung - Face The Music
Sindri Eldon - Pressure To Feel
Siniestro - Arctic Blood
SIREN - Love Is Gone
SIS - Brentano_feat_The_Nudes-Infatuation_(SIS_Remix)
SISC - Never
SKAcowani - czarno biały
Skire ese beats - con ella
Skittle Alley - Here I Am
SKOMBRUS - Betrayal of the breed
SKY EATER - Oceans
Smackdab - Movin'
Snoffeltoffs - The Beat
Solid Water - Solid Five
Soloft - Summer
Some Kind of Illness - Violet Dream ft Hara Su
Sonderous - Picture Perfect
Sonnengruss - Talking In Your Sleep (ft. Richard Istel)
Sonora Palacios - El Galeon Español
Soul Revival - Fall In Love
Soulitaire - One Of Many Parts
Soulwound - Alone against All
Southern Empire - Goliath's Moon
Space Fight - 22
Spaztik Munkey - Johnnie, Jim and Jack
Special Ops - Dead Are Calling
SPLIT BEARING - Angels Of Death
Stacey Skeete - I Forgive You
Starfish - Why
Steal A Taxi - You want what you don't want
Stella Adjoke - Naturelle
Stephanie Manns - Lost Love
Stephen B Lawrence - Behind Me
Stillzone - Torturador
Stoner Kings - Universal
StormThrash - Systematic Annihilation
Strides - Grafitti
Strike The Head - #scrivoecancello
Sun Gods - Voices
Sun Sweet Sun - Arrival
Superglam - dancing in the dark
Superhiks - Rampararam
Surya - Between The Sheets
SVNEATR - The Hunt
Sweet Crystal - In Your Name (Pearl Sound Remix)
Symetria - Flying High
Take The Day - Take Everything
Tangerine Stoned - Venice
Technicolor Fabrics - Tiernos
Th3Climb - If I Could
The Bottomless - Blindsighted
The Carl Webb Band - You're to Blame
The Everything - Winchester
The Flocking Murmuration - Brave
The Great Heights Band - Better Things
The Neozoic - Agliophobia
The Price - On the edge of madness
The Prosecution - Forlorn
The Rootups - Sound Of My Soul
The Showers - Love
The Tailor Made - Persona
The Tambles - Slidin' Away
The Terrorsurfs - Surf Burger
The Upstate Cats - Rolex Wind
The WAN - Too Proud to Love You
The Xperiment - That's What I'm Thinking Of
This Human Condition - Disco Bunny
Thomas Doc - Rawmaker
Tiffany Sweet - Whiskey Bent
Tim Armstrong - Driving the white line
Tim Spitzer - Where Were You?
Time Shifters - Star Bizarre
Tipsy Gipsy - Uni/Dream
TiWi Tiroler Wind - Halli Galli
Todd Sarvies - Flatline
Tom Forbes - Stay For Alice
Tom Stoeckl - Dirndl du gheast heit Nocht zu mir
Tomas del Real - Jean & Joni
Tony Cox - Straight Lines
Tony Watkins & Smokebreakers - Even a Broken Heart Can Mend
Torchia - Fury
Torn Shore - Set To Fail
Tory Sound - Steady Hand
Totem City - G!RLZ
Tram Cops - Why'd She Have to Leave So Soon?
Traumtaenzer - Habt keine Angst
Trees Will Tell - From the blue
Trigger - Hard Times
Trine Rein - Hello it's me
Trollort - The last hunt
Tuna de Medicina do Porto - Cidade
Tuva Finserås - Easy Going Monday
U.S. Americans - money in america
Ukentlemen - Jääkaapin valo
Undercover Dream Lovers - I Don't Know Your Name
Unzyme - Lie down in debris
Uppeach - Yesterday
Upstanding Citizen - I Wanna Destroy Dave Grohl
Vago Sagrado - Ciudad Fantasma
VAINERZ - Volcano (Single Version)
Valerian - Stardust Revelation
Vandemonian - Warmonger
Veilside Hardcore - Crime City Connection Anthem
Venika Hartlyn - Desire
VERA VETA - Mission
Vern Daysel - Bright Lights
VeronicaPinkHeart - Blunts
VETA Kozakova - DH
Vibrant Heels - Running Girls
Vic Moraga - Hard Rain
Vickers Vimy - Keep Your Eye On The Road
Victim - Forced Cremation
Victoria Real - Our Work
Violet Mary - Raise Your Glass
Visions To Kill - B-Boy
Vital Breath - the trust
Volente - She's So Bored
Volor Flex - Volor Flex-Up In Flames
VOO VOO - Sroda
Vrona - Impermanence
Vulgar Speech - Can U Really?
Vvlva - Dieb der Seelen
Waiting For Wednesday - This Ain't Your Fight
Wally and the gators - Red Cadillac
Wasptress - No Goin' Back
Wasteland Valley - Masquerade
Will Kruger Music - Blessd Are The Days
Will Simms - Chariot Feat Stylo G
Willy McElroy - Quuen Maeve
Wilson Noble - Heartspace
Witheria - Paradox of Hope
yunus - the fairytale of time
Zahlada - Zrób to jak wiersz (Make it like a poem)
Zambo Jazz - Magaly's Tune
Zelma - Righr or Wrong
ZERO NERO - Lacrime & Sangue